CE5+ 1.6ml

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Product Overview
Before initial use, you need to prime the atomizer Before fitting to your e-Cig inhale on the end fives times sharply, then 2 long slow draws. After this, use as normal - if it doesn't function after installing please repeat (this applies to all atomizers)
(this applies to all atomizers)

The new CE5+ Atomizer eliminates the need for messy re wicking and the steady flow of e-liquid through the pre drilled vents to the atomiser cuts out the burning often experienced in older versions.

It is easy to assemble or disassemble, quite easy to clean the atomizer and make it effective working without trouble for much longer time. Features • Fits any E-Cigarettes with Standard 510 Fitting

• Detachable and easy to clean
• With dual hole no-wick design
• Much longer lifespan
• No leakage
• Produces medium amount of smoke
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