★EZ★ SNUS Melon | EasySmoke

★EZ★ SNUS Melon | EasySmoke

Norāde: 30064-☆☆☆★ 10mg/g

Pieejamība: Nav veikalā
ACQUINTANCE PRICE 5.50€ ★EZ★ SNUS - Melon Nicotine pads Available strength 10mg/g, 20mg/g, 30mg/g, 40mg/g Nicopad weight: 5g
Flavor: Melon - Adorable melon candy, straight from childhood. Quite sweet.  

Why is ★EZ★ SNUS the new favorite of people? Our friends say this:

★EZ★ SNUS is a whole new way of nicotine pods. The pads are of high quality and niccotine takes effect gradually, but for a long time.
Depending on the strength, niccotine effect lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. It doesn't have the sudden "off the chair" effect.
★EZ★ SNUS nicotine pads have a very real and clean flavor. Flavor is also not intensive yet lasts for a long time after removing the pod.
★EZ★ SNUS pads have high quality standards, are slightly moist and don't break between fingers.

☆☆☆★ 10mg/g (pod strength 5mg)
☆☆★★ 20mg/g (pod strength 10mg)
☆★★★ 30mg/g (pod strength 15mg)
★★★★ 40mg/g (pod strength 20mg)

★EZ★ SNUS is available at acquintance price of 5.50€

ES Bikernieku Rimi ES Olimpia
★★★★ 40mg/g 0 0
☆★★★ 30mg/g 0 0
☆☆★★ 20mg/g 0 0
☆☆☆★ 10mg/g 0 0

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